Private Equity | Private Equity Team

Josephat MwatoteleWindhoek

BA Economics, Masters International Relations and Strategic Studies

Josephat joined Pointbreak during 2014, sharing the responsibility of managing Stimulus, as well as assuming an executive responsibility for Pointbreak Group business development. Josephat is a member of the Pointbreak board of directors. Josephat was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Pointbreak Group on 1 April 2016.

Monica KalondoWindhoek

B.Juris, LLB

Monica is a founding member and director of Stimulus Private Equity, which commenced business in 2004. Monica is an executive board member of Pointbreak and the Chairperson of EBank, where she plays an active and strategic role leading the board.

Rein van VeenWindhoek

B.Com. Management Accounting, Hons B.Com. Management Accounting, C.I.M.A (Passed Finalist), Hons B. Business Management & Administration, MBA and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Rein is a founding member and director of Pointbreak. He was the first executive of Pointbreak when it opened its doors at the beginning of 2000. Rein assumes various Group responsibilities and is, together with Monica Kalondo and Josephat Mwatotele, strategically involved with the management of Stimulus. Rein played a key role in the establishment of EBank.